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A group of volunteers who have come together to  seek to enhance the experience of living, working and visiting Seaford.




Directors are drawn from local residents, plus representatives from groups such as Tree Wardens, Youth Forum, Wave Leisure, Cycle Seahaven, Community Rail Partnership, Seaford Chamber od Commerce, Seaford Town Council, Lewes District Council, and E.S.C.C. , as well as statutory authorities.




The Shoal --- Sculptural benches, designed by gardener Gabby Tofts and local sculptor Christian Funnell, located on the jetty at Splash Point.

Exercise Path --- Signposted along the Promenade.

Heritage Trail --- Signposts on the Promenade which highlight the history of the town.                 

Beach Garden --- Garden with newly painted benches for relaxation, located opposite the Promenade.

Open-Air Gym in the  Salts, designed for adults.

Tree Planting --- New and replacement trees planted throughout the town.

Play Pad --- Game and exercise area for children, located near Frankie’s Café.

Blue Plaques --- Located on buildings throughout the town to highlight the history of the town.

Seafront Exhibition and Survey ___ Attracted 800 visitors giving their ideas for development and conservation ( in conjunction with the University of Brighton).

Cross-Seaford Transport Working Group --- Meets as required.   The group gave transport input to the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Community Partnership  is actively involved in 'Impact Seaford’.





The Partnership is looking at beach access and signage linking town and seafront, as well as other enhancements to the seafront and its environs.




The Partnership welcomes volunteers willing to help with current projects or with ideas for future ones.   If you are interested in joining us, let us know by contacting us at ???????????????















We are very fortunate in living in such a beautiful area and having the benefit of so many voluntary groups in the town catering for a wide range of interests. The Seaford Community Partnership is  a group of volunteers that seeks effective ways of making Seaford an even better place to work and relax. We are an alliance of groups (such as Tree Wardens, Youth Forum, Wave Leisure, Cycle Seahaven, the Community Cinema, etc.) representatives from Seaford Town Council, Lewes District Council and East Sussex County Council, statutory authorities (such as the police and the youth service) and voluntary and business organisations (such as Chamber of Commerce, Seniors’ Forum, community and sports groups).

We aim to do things rather than talking about by working with partners to create the Exercise Path along the seafront, the Heritage Trail the Beach Garden as well as planting over 1300 trees in streets open spaces and school playing fields. As well as achieving such things we have obtained funding by obtaining grants from the Big Tree Plant (£5000) and assisted the Youth Forum to obtain £20,000 to provide the all-age open air gym in the Salts. Residents have also assisted us  with the cost of trees planted on ggrass verges.

We focus on what residents and the business community tell us they want by undertaking questionnaire exercises and held an exhibition of the community's ideas for improvements on the Seafront whilst maintaining its unspoilt nature. We organised two well attended public meetings on the Environmental Agency's proposed flood defences for the town.


We currently have a number of active projects - Improving Splash Point, creating an open air entertainment area at the Martello Tower and Improving Transport and non car access.

We cannot do this alone and need your help. Come to our AGM; give us your ideas on how we can enhance your town; join us and use your skills in getting things done; help us identify sources of funds; help with tree planting and beach garden maintenance.

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to learn more about Seaford tree planting click here

The Partnership is not directly funded from public funds. All activities and projects we undertake are funded from applications we make to various national and local grant funding bodies and charities.



A bit of History

A Bit of History

Since its foundation in 2000, the Partnership has achieved much: 

Farmers’ Market from 2002 to 2004; 

The Heritage Trail with sign boards and leaflets set up with National Lottery funding; 

Produced a 10 year Strategic Plan for the development of Seaford; 

Organised Activities for Young People including very successful football training in association with the Youth Service and Brighton & Hove Albion; 

Transport Group made a considerable contribution to the Seaford Local Area Transport Survey and helped in the development of Safe Routes to School; 

The monthly Cinema at the Downs attracted initial funding until 2008 and further funding revitalised it at the Little Theatre in 2010 for a short time.  The present Seaford Community Cinema was a separate very successful initiative by a group of volunteers; 

Set up the very successful Seaford Bay Exercise Path with sign posts and leaflets;  

Organised the Refurbishing of the ticketing hut at the Salts into a youth facility, The Base with the assistance of the Coastal Partnerships’ Project Development Worker and Seaford Town Council; 

The Youth Task Group has been working closely with the police and the youth service and has set up a Youth Forum where young people can make their needs known who themselves interviewed and appointed a Facilitator to guide their work; 

The Youth Forum has been at the forefront of seeking funding for the setting up of the Skate Park and shelter at the Salts and has raised funds and completed an All-age Exercise Park at the Salts in association with Seaford Seniors’ Forum; 

The Partnership has secured grants to improve the Seafront, funding an exhibition and questionnaire on residents’ and visitors’ views and completed work on a Beach Garden in 2012. Work on a project to establish an Open Air Public Performance area on the deck of the Martello Tower is ongoing, in co-operation with the Town Council. The area will provide spectator-seating and an arena for music, dance and drama. 

Projected is the provision of improved access, safety and seating to the Splash Point jetty to provide some of the additional seating and viewing facilities . The Partnership has also raised the profile of flood-prevention planning for the long-term, and this has resulted in meetings being kick-started at Town Council level.


Upcoming Events

Getting Involved

Seaford Community Partnership exists to promote and represent the aspirations of local organisations and residents with a view to:

  • promoting the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment;
  • advancing the arts, culture and heritage in and relating to Seaford and its surrounding areas;
  • providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances;
  • promoting community participation in healthy recreation;
  • promoting the economic well being of the town;
  • and promoting such other purposes as may from time to time be chosen by the directors.

Seaford Community Partnership does so without discrimination because of age, disability, religion or belief, sex or sexuality.  It seeks to involve, as appropriate, local residents, local authorities and voluntary and community organisations by:

  • holding at least one annual meeting for members, often with a speaker – a great opportunity for local networking. Other meetings are setup as circumstances require;
  • setting up themed groups tasked with developing work in the themed area and to link up with other organisations in the town to create partnership projects to improve aspects of the town. We now have some experience in this;
  • welcoming representatives from your organisation to join with us.

Seaford Community Partnership are happy to talk to your organisation about the Town Partnership’s work and current project

If you want to be involved please contact the partnership by email at kThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SCP's Directors and Officers are:

Keith Blackburn (Chairman);Peter White (Town Crier); 

All Directors and Officers are unpaid.

Seaford Community Partnership is a company limited by guarantee. (No: 05143042) SCP Legal and Financial Information is available here.

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