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Seaford Youth Partnership

The Seaford Youth Task Group (SYTG)  has been created under the umbrella of the Seaford Community Partnership to provide an opportunity to meet up and discuss problems of common interest  with a aim of coordinating, improving  & help resource youth provisions & interventions within Seaford. Membership is open to any Seaford based organisations involved in any form of youth provision as well as the Police and local authority representatives.

Membership is free, and there is no charge for attending meetings.  Meetings are bi -monthly. If you would like to attend meetings of the group please contact the group's secretary Tony Rowsell .

The SYTG has as one main aim - the provision of a centralised group to co-ordinate, improve and resource youth provisions and interventions within Seaford.

We intend to provide a forum for discussion, with a view to identify gaps in youth provision and to seek to address gaps.

 We are not funded to provide services directly ourselves but where a particular gap is identified we will seek ways of addressing that gap and if possible will coordinate fundraising from local sources where we have established contact.

A Facebook page "Seaford Youth Activities Board" has been created by SYTG members as a forum for youth leaders, organisations and young people to share and promote events and areas of discussion.

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